Welcome to Children's International Film Festival (CIFF)! Our aim is to encourage young talent in filmmaking and to promote children's and teens' films that are meaningful, inspirational and root children in the real world.

CIFF if a non-profit, yearly festival. Our goal is to set an internationally recognized standard of excellence in films and videos created for children. It is further our mission to support and encourage the work of talented and dedicated filmmakers across the world, by showcasing international films.

Some of the most brilliant student minds in UAE will have a chance to submit their films for the most coveted CIFF Awards and to become part of the best filmmaking team in the whole of UAE.

Apart from this, the festival has some of the most famous, award-winning filmmakers from around the world screening their films at the festival. These movies are the benchmark for what a good children's film should be – entertaining, clean, hugely inspiring and packed with moral values!

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