International Films

2 Brothers

Live action short | Thailand | 9 mins

This is the story of 2 brothers who never compromise with each other, try to get over, no adequacy, no generosity, no compassion. They forget to think that they are brothers, must help, take care, and live together.


A Stranger Amongst Icebergs

Animation short | Russian Federation

The story of a rooster who grew up among penguins and of love for one's family and the motherland.

Bahar in Wonderland

Live action short | Germany

Where do you hide from danger, when you can't hide anywhere? The kurdish girl Bahar believes she has found a way. "Bahar in Wonderland" is the glory of Bahar, a little girl, who given the circumstances she is in, is not able to be a child.


Live action short | United States

Colorful 10-year-old girl upset by taunting manages to bring some happiness into the world around her when by magical coincidence a huge pile of balloons is dropepd off by her feet.

Bear Story

Animation short | Chile

An old, melancholy bear tells his own life story through a mechanical diorama.

Bike Tales

Live action short | Canada

A story of a young girl learning to ride to bike!

Boy's Sugary Dream

Live action short | Egypt

The film is about a little kid whom despite his hard living has a dream, and his trying to achieve even a little part of his simple small dream.

Captain Sandy

Live action short | United States

A 7-year-old asks for help from her parents to find the start button of her toy spaceship is order to go to Moon.


Live action short | Brazil

The little dreamer Franciely lives in a farm with her mother, Irene, a bitter woman. In a visit, her aunt Rose announces she is going on an airplane trip, and asks Franciely what she wants as a gift. The answer is unexpected: a piece of cloud!


Animation short | Taiwan

You may be deceiving someone, but you never know who is deceiving you...


Animation short | United Kingdom

Dinosaurs - the prehistoric titans who rules the Earth for 160 million years. Their name literally translates as "Terrible Lizards". We follow them in this animated documentary to see whether they deserved this fearsome monicker.

Dream to be a Diver

Live action short | Germany

The 5-Minutes filmlet "Dream to be Diver" is based on a short story by the German author Sven Hillenkamp and is an production realized by a small team. The story is about a girl who her whole life dreams of becoming a diver and who carries out all the necessary preparations to reach that goal, but in the end never takes the last step: the dive.

Exit Right

Live action short | Austria

Look away or intervene? When a man is the victim of unfounded racial discrimination in a packed bus, there is only one passenger who won't ignore the situation like everyone else.

Facts About Projection

Live action short documentary | United Kingdom

Short film about the life of a projectionist. 


Live action short | Netherlands

After three boys bully Anna, she finds a bottle with a magic spell in it. The spell is giving her an extraordinary gift: she can freeze people for a while/ When the three bullies steal the bottle, they are upto no good with the bottle. How can Anna get the bottle back, without being frozen herself?

Go Daan Go!

Live action short | Netherlands

A short film about nine-year-old Daan who really gets excited about taking up swimming once he discovers his mother's old swimming medals in the attic.

Goodbye Papa

Live action short | Germany

A touching drama about a boy coping with the death of his father and the grief that comes with it.



Live action short | Germany

Juri is growing up under deprived circumstances in a small village in the former CCCP. When his father moves to Germany to earn money for his family he has to come to grips with a life without a father.


Live action short | Germany

When he makes a special discovery on his way to the soccer field, a boy has no clue what he'll face next.

How to Get Lucky Kau Cim

Animation short | Taiwan

A couple was in bad relationship, and the man wanted to rebuild the love, so he decided to go to the temple and ask for help from deity. It didn't go well when he was praying and drawing lots. Finally, getting the direction from deity, the man realizes what he needs to do to rebuild the love.


Animation short documentary | United Kingdom

This is a short film about Illustration, which is based on a poem. It concerns a fictious congratulatory letter written by a proud tutor to a recent graduate.


Live action/animation short | Spain, Germany & Portugal

How powerful can creativity be? In the middle of a class a boy's need to share a drawing with a girl make them escape to an imaginarium world that will be an adventure of its own.


Animation short | Nigeria

This is a story of a young boy who triumphs over his peers in the face of seemingly insurmountable odds, while keeping his integrity intact.

It Hit Upon the Roof

Live action short | Iran

A young boy is at home, alone with his sick mother. It is raining outside and the rood of their home is dripping. He is playing with his toys, and is also collecting the pouring water but one spot is very challenging where his mother is sleeping. He wants to keep his mother dry and does not want to wake her up.


Stop-motion short | Netherlands

While looking for a missing limb on a junkyard, Jack discovers what he really misses is a friend.

Keep Calm and Carry On

Live action short documentary | United Kingdom

Barter Books is one of the largest second hand and antiquarian bookshops in Britain. it is home to, among other things, a very special poster. This is a short film about the history of the "Keep Calm and Carry On" poster.

Kitbash Kid

Animation short | Singapore

The story is about a friendship between a boy and a robot.

Kooky - Watch Trailer

Live action feature | Czech Republic

Young Ondra has asthma and so his mom throws away his favorite toy: a musty old stuffed bear names Kooky. That night Ondra dreams that Kooky is determined to find his way back home from the dump.

Latte Smile

Animation short | Taiwan

The light wind gently brushed the curtain. An old man opened an old notebook, recapturing unforgettable memories. At a peaceful afternoon, he and she encountered in a coffee shop...

Laura Versus Global Warming

Live action short | United States

When Laura discovers that her mother stopped her from receiving the first prize at the National Center of Snow, Ice and Bad Expectations Children Essay Contest, she unravels the sweater her mother is completing for the upcoming Vogue Knitting Magazine Competition.


Animation short | Slovakia

Lighta is a small lightbulb. She's living in the room of an old modelmaker where she is the only source of light. One day the old modelmaker let in to the room a new rival. Small Lighta decided to fight for her place.


Live action / animation short | Argentina

Armed with her sketchbook, Lila walks off to the world, convinced that she has the power to make it a better place. Sitting at a bar, hanging out a park or walking down a street, Lila draws the lines that fill up the magic lost by those around her.


Live action short | Switzerland

Forced to be alone: Whenever Lothar sneezes, nearby objects explode. To protect the world he locks himself into a subterranean home, isolated from the outer world.


Animation short | France

A story of a baby with an unusual babysitter...

Max's Movie - Watch Trailer

Live action feature | Sweden

Max is determined to direct his own stop-motion film. But first he needs to take back the script that has been stolen and prove to Mia, the new girl, that he can be as brave as the hero of his story.



Live action short | South Korea, United States

After their parents died, an adopted teenage boy struggles to live with his adoptive little sister against harsh reality.

Only Gilt

Live action short | Australia

11-year-old Gary is in love with Kim, the girl next door. After he discovers he's caused the death of her beloved pet budgie, he tries desperately to cover up his mistake or forever wear a birdcage on his head.


Pawel the Polish Mouse Goes to the Moon

Live action short | United Kingdom

Pawel the Polish Mouse has a dream to go to the Moon. The only person to help him build a rocket is John, his human friend. The dream comes true but leaves Pawel the Polish mouse with a slight disappointment.

Pik Pik Pik

Animation short | Russian Federation

There is a tree in the woods. Ants and a birdie are living there. They always fall over one another. But one day a woodcutter comes to cut  his or her own tree.


Live action short | Philippines

A boy dreams of having his family picture taken only to find out that what is more important is that he still has a loving family by his side more than anything else.

Pitt & Weem

Animation short | United Kingdom

When the Gulls are away, Pitt and Weem sneak onto the signpost and practice their bungee jumping. But when a mess is made things get out of control and then the neighbours take revenge - and then everyone ends up with mud of their face.

Si Lunchai

Animation short | Germany, Singapore

The poor yet smart trickster Si Lunchai triumohs over the cruel king. An adaptation of an Indonesian legend, inspired by the style of the Southeast Asian shadow puppet play "Wayang Kulit"

So now, what do we do?

Live action short | United States

Joseph spends all day with a gift in his hands, making all that meet him uncomfortable. But, what no one imagines is that he is preparing a very difficult apology for a special someone.

Suspicious Mind

Live action short | Canada

A mysterioud woman disposes of a large garbage bag. But everything is not as it seems. Written by, directed by, edited by and filmed by students at the Gimli Film Festival's MTS Digital Media Camp.

Take Your Time

Live action short | United Kingdom

A fantasy film about a child who collects clocks with unwavering determination for reasons unknown to those around him.


Animation short | United States

A sleeping child is easy prey for the monster under the bed. Fortunately, her best friend is close at hand to save her.

The Adventures of a Cardboard Box

Live action short | United Kingdom

This short films tells the story of a boy who meets and befriends a large cardboard box, and was shot on a Nokia N8.

The Beggar

Animation short | Afghanistan

The story of two beggars who are competing to get the money together.

The Colors for Leo

Live action / animation short | Spain

Clara, a teenage girl, uses her passion for drawing to unlock her inner world. Her life takes an unexpected turn when Leo, the parrot of her missing grandfather, convinces her to accompany him on an adventure that will exceed her greatest fantasies...but also her biggest nightmares.

The Diary of a Disappointed Book

Live action short | United Kingdom

This short film tells a disappointing year in the life of a book. Though they might often be our most treasured possessions, it is remarkable how easily books can be neglected, mistreated and sometimes even lost.

The Dream Power

Live action short | Latvia, Russian Federation

A forgotten childhood dream transforms into a fantastic friendship between a man and a toy-robot. Ilya still remembers childhood with his grandfather Gustav before they were forever seperated.

The Games Maker (3D) - Watch Trailer

Live action feature | Argentina, Canada & Italy

Young Ivan Drago's new found love of board games catapults him into the fantastical and competitive world of game invention, and pits him against the inventor Morodian, who has long desired to destroy the city of Zyl, founded by Ivan's grandfather. To save his family and defeat Morodian, Ivan must come to know what it is to be a true Games Maker.

The Mediterranean

Animation short | Turkey

The struggle of a Mediterranean Seal, which tries to get away from a greedy fisherman who wants to catch it.


The Open Window

Live action short | Argentina

A man travels to a distant aunt's house in the countryside searching for peace and quiet. But once there, he will learn of a past tragedy that still keeps the house and the entire family frozen in time.

The Sandwich Island Man

Live action short | France

12-year-old Lio, an only child living with a single mom, is assigned a class project to describe his father's birthplace. The only problem is he never knew his. Soon, Lio discovers that his dad was from a tiny, uninhabited lost island in the Southern Ocean, with a funny name: "Sandwich".

The Stowaway

Live action short | Switzerland

After running away from an orphanage, 8-year old Emma believes to have found the perfect hiding place in the apartment of a blind woman named Evelyn.

The Treehouse

Live action short | United Kingdom

In the shadow of a family funeral a young boy, Connor, retreats to the treehouse he built with his father and shuts himself in and the rest of the world out. Whilst there he meets an enigmatic young girl who helps him to come to terms with his loss and face up to the future.

Toast to a Ghost

Live action short | United Arab Emirates

Toast to a Ghost is an unusual touch to a traditional ghost movie. It's a silent, black and white, fast paced movie.

Treasure Fall

Animation short | Iran

Two cowboys find a treasure, one of them takes the treasure and runs away. On the way, a thunder hits the treasure and it goes to the sky and falls on a farmer in another place.


Live action short | Portugal

A short film that will teach that no matter how small it can be, we only depend on ourselves to change it.

Tuck Me In

Live action short | Spain

Alex asks his father to tuck him in, but that's not the only thing he asks for.

Twins in the Bakery

Animation short | Japan

A magical incident happened in an ordinary bakery while the baker was away for delivery. That incident made this bakery the best in town. But it is a secret not to be disclosed.


Live action short | Spain

A woman. A man. A dog. Fate.

Wedding Cake

Animation short | Germany

Two marzipam figures come to life on top of a wedding cake and start to sculpt the perfect marriage out of cake icing!

With Best Regards

Live action short | Austria

Again the admired Mr. Dreamy parks in front of the Cafe. And again the shy waitress doesn't dare to go out and talk to him. But her friend has a crazy idea how she can get to know his guy.

Yesterday will be Tomorrow

Live action short | Spain

A little girl writes a letter about her dreams. Years later, a young film director finds that letter she had almost forgotten and decides to answer it, because that girl has touched her life in a special way and they have much more in common than it seems.


Live action short | Turkey, Armenia

4-year-old little Armenian girl Ziazan on day decides to go on an adventure. She tries to sneak in from Armenia to Turkey inside her uncle's luggage. Will she be able to go over the closed borders between two countries and realize her adventure?

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