All members of the Press and Media Outlets are requested to be registered as "Media Persons" to receive any updates, news flashes and/or access any events conducted by the Children's International Film Festival (CIFF). "Media Persons" must pick up their badges from the CIFF Media Representative (available at all key venues). The badge is a photo identity card that displays the name, media outlet and indicates the level of access the holder is eligible for. Please note that if any member of the Press and Media is unable to present his/her "Media Persons" badge upon request, he/she may be asked to leave the premises. The badges are non-transferable.

Individuals who haven't completed the accreditation process ahead of the Festival are required to submit their business card and an approval letter from their media outlet. We will attempt to issue your accreditation as soon as possible, but the process of approval can take up to 24 hours.

Media Access

As an accredited member of the media, you get exclusive access to:

  • The Red-carpet Opening and Award ceremonies, including special seating arrangements. (Invitations will be issued on request by CIFF Media Representative.)
  • Press Screenings
  • Online access to view any films that are being screened at the festival. (Only upon request)
  • A complete press kit will be provided including the festival catalogue and program details.
  • Exclusive first-to-know updates, before, during and after the festival.
  • Exclusive interviews with film crew members, jury members, festival guests and festival officials.

Rules and Guidelines

  • Please refrain from shooting at unauthorized venues. Any unauthorized filming may lead to cancellation of media accreditation which will further lead to a request to leave the premises.
  • Red-carpet access is limited to media photographers and TV crews only. Accredited members must collect their Red Carpet stickers from the CIFF Media Representative to ensure access. All media outlets interested in covering the opening and closing ceremonies must confirm the name and details of the photographer or videographer and presenter representing them on the red carpet.
  • All media positions will be pre-allocated in advance by CIFF Media Representative.
  • Any damage to CIFF property and/or venue must be compensated by the media outlet.

We request all members of the press & media who wish to know more, attend & cover the festival to please complete the Accreditation Form.

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