09 Mar 2014

Dubai, United Arab Emirates


The Film Studio FZ-LLC, organizers of CIFF 2014 announced today that CIFF 2014 has received the blessings and patronage of His Highness Sheikh Nahyan bin Mubarak Al Nahyan, Honorable Minister of Culture, Youth and Community Development, United Arab Emirates.

Further, CIFF 2014 has also received support from The Centre of Excellence for Applied Research & Training (CERT), the commercial, research and training arm of the Higher Colleges of Technology (HCT).

About CERT: Since its creation in 1996, CERT has grown to be one of the largest private education providers in the Middle East and has become synonymous with quality in education, training, research, and socioeconomic progress. CERT is also one of the largest MENA (Middle East North Africa) investors in the discovery and commercialization of technology.

To know more about CERT, please visit their website at http://www.certonline.com/

24 Feb 2014

Dubai, United Arab Emirates


The festival dates and the program of CIFF 2014 were declared today. The much-awaited festival will commence on Thursday, 24 Apr 2014 and close on Friday, 02 May 2014.

This 9-day festival will consist of screenings in the 5 Emirates of Abu Dhabi, Ajman, Dubai, Fujairah & Ras Al Khaimah with special screenings for schools in the UAE."The children, teachers, principals, parents and everyone around is hyper-excited about the festival," said Ms. Jyoti Jain, Creative Head of CIFF 2014.

"Our team is super-busy in putting together the entire show. We hope the children like it and more than that, they take away values and inspiration from the content."CIFF 2014 website is under a significant update with shortlisted school films and selected international films.

For tasters, please watch the pre-festival video at http://vimeo.com/88968524

02 Feb 2014

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

The Film Studio FZ-LLC, organizers of CIFF 2014, announced that Majid Al Futtaim Cinemas LLC, owners & operators of VOX Cinemas will be the Venue Partner for CIFF 2014.

"This is a proud moment for all of us at CIFF and more so for the children who are eagerly waiting to watch their masterpieces on the big cinema screen," said Mr. Deepak Jain, Festival Director of CIFF 2014. "We're grateful to VOX Cinemas for extending their support to the noble cause of showcasing high-quality content to the children & families in the UAE."

About VOX Cinemas: VOX Cinemas provides a world-class cinema experience to moviegoers who value both quality and luxury. VOX Cinemas have 76 screens across eight (8) locations in the United Arab Emirates, providing the Middle East's most innovative and customer-focused cinema experience. VOX Cinemas is owned and operated by Majid Al Futtaim Cinemas LLC, which is the cinema arm of the wider Majid Al Futtaim Ventures group of businesses.

To know more about VOX Cinemas, please visit their website at http://uae.voxcinemas.com/

16 Jan 2014

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Based on the requests received and after discussing the matter with all the participating schools, CIFF 2014's team announced that the festival would be postponed to April 2014.

Several schools have requested CIFF 2014 to conduct the festival in April or early May 2014 due to forthcoming examinations.

"This is their festival; we're only facilitators. Schools are the best judge of when their students should be ‘edutained' and we're glad to comply," said Mr. Deepak Jain, Festival Director of CIFF 2014. "Based on the schools' requests, we have moved the festival to April 2014 and will be announcing the dates soon. We completely understand and agree that studies are of prime importance for our children and that should not be affected under any circumstances."

19 Dec 2013

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

CIFF 2014 announced the closure of school films entries today.

To the end of Thursday, 19 Dec 2013, over 80 films from 5 Emirates had been received as part of the Film-making Competition that was launched on 18 Sep 2013.

"Under the guidance of their teachers & support from parents, these children have put in tremendous amount of efforts in making their films," said Ms. Jyoti Jain, Creative Head at CIFF 2014. "I encourage all of you to browse through the behind-the-camera scenes our team has captured on our Facebook page at www.facebook.com/iloveciff. The excitement in these kids is truly infectious!"

01 Dec 2013

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

CIFF 2014 announced the closure of international films entries today.

Till the end of Friday, 29 Nov 2013, over 300 films from across the world had been received for consideration at CIFF 2014.

From Live action to Clay motion, from Tragedy to Comedy, audience will have a wide-ranging choice to enjoy films in 36 languages from 35 countries, of course with sub-titles in English. In addition to the several short-films received, three (3) feature-films are all set to be premiered at CIFF 2014.

"The filmmakers have already started asking us about 2015," said Ms. Jyoti Jain, Creative Head at CIFF 2014. "We're humbled by such a huge response to our call for entries. Our programming team has its task cut-out for several weeks from today."

31 Oct 2013

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Based on several requests received from international filmmakers across the world, CIFF 2014 is pleased to announce the last of submission of international films has been extended to Friday, 29 Nov 2013.

"We're compelled to extend the deadline for submissions for a simple reason that we want the best and only the best content for our children in the UAE," said Mr. Deepak Jain, Festival Director of CIFF 2014. "This might mean postponing the festival dates too and we are ready to do so for sake of receiving high-quality and high-quantity of content."

25 Oct 2013

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Filmmakers from around the world have shown keen interest in showcasing their children's film at CIFF 2014. From Japan to the United States of America, CIFF 2014 has received over a hundred (100) films from over thirty (30) countries in response to its call for entries.

"We're pleased & honored by this overwhelming response by the international film-making fraternity," said Ms. Jyoti Jain, Creative Head of CIFF 2014. "It only goes to prove that there is age-appropriate, meaningful, inspiring & ‘edutaining' content out there. The only missing piece is the platform to showcase it and CIFF 2014 will bridge this gap."

The programming team at CIFF 2014 has commenced checking the submissions for compliance with content guidelines. Last date of receiving submissions is 01 Nov 2013.

11 Oct 2013

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Thirty-five students along with their teachers attended the Filmmaking Workshop today at Manipal University, Dubai. The workshop's aim was to introduce the fundamentals of filmmaking to the students & teachers alike. The workshop was hosted by Manipal University and conducted by their faculty of Department of Media & Communications.

"It is great to see lot of children participating with such enthusiasm," said Ms. Jyoti Jain, Creative Head of CIFF 2014. "We are expecting a lot of good movies from the children. I'll just say that children should imagine, create and inspire. They can do it."

"I think this is a great introduction to teach the kids a bit more about how to create their first film," said Mr. Hardi Fichadt, Teacher at Dubai American Academy. "I have learnt so many things about film-making, about camera, different camera angles, so many other things, interesting things that I didn't know before," said Feraz Rezei, a student in Dubai National School.

09 Oct 2013

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

CIFF 2014 is pleased to announce that it has received an overwhelming & unprecedented response from the schools in UAE. A total of forty-four (44) schools in five (5) Emirates of Abu Dhabi, Ajman, Dubai, Fujairah & Sharjah have confirmed their participation in the Film-making Competition that was launched on Wednesday, 18 Sep 2013.

The participating schools will be creating films in two groups – A & B. Students studying in Year 9 to 13 will participate in Group A and those studying in Year 6 to 8 will participate in Group B.

The films can be on any theme & genre but relevant to children in current-day. Whilst, this is an open-theme any-genre competition, schools have been asked to strictly comply with the stated content guidelines since non-compliance will result in disqualification of the entire school.

All participating schools have been invited to attend the free Film-making Workshop on Friday, 11 Oct 2013 at the Dubai Campus of Manipal University.

18 Sep 2013

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

The Film Studio FZ-LLC, a visionary creator of children's content announced the arrival of Children's International Film Festival (CIFF) 2014 in United Arab Emirates. Along with the arrival of CIFF 2014, the first-ever nation-wide Film-making Competition for all the schools in UAE was launched which provides a much wider competitive opportunity to all the students in UAE.

This is an open-theme competition, shortlisted films from which will be screened at cinema halls in UAE and also will compete for sixteen (16) grand awards.

In addition to the Film-making Competition for schools in UAE, CIFF 2014 also opened up for short-film, feature-film and documentary entries from filmmakers around the world. CIFF 2014 provides a unique platform for filmmakers to showcase their craft to the world's most diverse audience – UAE, a wonderful nation that hosts close to 200 nationalities.

"There is serious dearth of platforms to showcase age-appropriate, meaningful, inspiring & ‘edutaining' content to children," said Mr. Deepak Jain, Festival Director, CIFF 2014. "CIFF aims to bridge this gap by being that platform. Our 2014 edition will feature a unique blend of such ‘edutaining' films made by children in the UAE and by filmmakers across the world."