The Grand Awards Ceremony promises to be a glamourous experience with sparkling red carpet, dazzling performances & gleaming awards! 

All entries to the Filmmaking Competition will be subjected to the following Jury process:

Step 1: CIFF's Programming Team will draw a shortlist of films after watching all the films submitted.

Step 2: Audience watching the shortlisted films will vote for the most-liked film in each group.

Step 3: A Jury consisting of professional and experienced filmmakers from around the world will watch all shortlisted films and finalize the winners.

Shortlisted films (from Step 1) will compete for the following awards*:
Group A Group B
1. Best Film 1. Best Film
2. Best Film: 1st Runner-Up 2. Best Film: 1st Runner-Up
3. Best Film: 2nd Runner-Up 3. Best Film: 2nd Runner-Up
4. Best Director 4. Best Director
5. Best Editor 5. Best Editor
6. Best Cinematographer 6. Best Cinematographer
7. Best Storywriter 7. Best Storywriter
8. Best Actor (Child) 8. Best Actor (Child)
9. Best Animation 9. Best Animation


Following are the indicative criteria that may be used by the CIFF's Programming Team and the Jury to assess films. Please note that these criteria are only indicative and are provided only to guide students. CIFF's Programming Team and the Jury may add, delete or modify the criteria at their own discretion.

Best Film / 1st Runner-Up / 2nd Runner-Up / Best Animation / Best Documentary

  • Overall story/concept of the film
  • Educational value
  • Entertainment value
  • Adherence/relevance to theme(s)
  • Ease of understanding
  • Visuals & Editing
  • Creativity

Best Director

  • Selection of sets/locations
  • Method of storytelling
  • Casting & Direction
  • Creativity
  • Overall effort

Best Editor

  • Cuts & transitions
  • Audio-visual sync
  • Sound & music
  • Creativity

Best Cinematographer

  • Frame composition
  • Stability of camera
  • Camera movements
  • Lighting
  • Creativity

Best Storywriter

  • Overall story/concept
  • Incorporation of theme
  • Education value
  • Entertainment value
  • Characterization
  • Dialogues

Best Actor (Child)

  • Dialogue delivery
  • Expressions
  • How well the character is portrayed

*Awards-All the above Awards are subject to minimum of 5 entries in each category.

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