Support Children's International Film Festival



Children's International Film Festival (CIFF) is a large, growing and global community. This community consists of schools, universities, students, teachers, families, filmmakers, sponsors, donors, partners and volunteers in UAE and 65+ countries.

Doors to this growing community are always open; whether you wish to support in an individual capacity or as a corporate. The CIFF Community offers a shared platform to all its members with the aim to establish an internationally recognized standard of excellence in films and videos for children.

CIFF is pleased to offer several options to suit your specific needs/circumstances.

As a Sponsor, your brand can

  • Build awareness in thousands of community members.
  • Share space on a variety of media - Digital, Newsprint, Radio, TV & Cinema.

If you wish to Donate, you can

  • Support in cash or in kind; from any amount to any amount.
  • Remain anonymous or be proud to see your name on the list of donors.

As a Partner, your organization

  • Can add value by being actively involved in CIFF's operations.
  • Extend your business' eco-system to the CIFF Community.

If you wish to Volunteer, you can

  • Learn finer nuances of films, filmmaking and large events management.
  • Earn credits and of course, be appreciated for the work you perform.
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