Children's International Film Festival (CIFF) is a large, growing and global community. This community consists of schools, universities, students, teachers, families, filmmakers, sponsors, donors, partners and volunteers in UAE and 65+ countries.

Partnering with CIFF is like partnering with thousands of its members spread across the world in one shot! You not only add value by extending your services to this growing community but also extend the reach of your business and its messages to each member of the community.

CIFF is looking forward to forging mutually beneficial partnerships in several areas including but not limited to,

  • Film Festivals. Film(s) from your festival get a chance to be screened in front of the world's most diverse audience - UAE. UAE hosts close to 200 nationalities and 600,000+ school-going children.
  • Press and Media Houses. Your publications and channels get rights to publish and communicate exclusive content from CIFF - every happening, every event, every screening. Shall we also mention that your readership, listenership and viewership zoom up?
  • Venue Owners. Your venue gets instant fame and recognition when it hosts CIFF events. With thousands of members in the community, it's hard to go wrong on this one.
  • Event Management Companies. Whether an established firm or an upcoming one, only a few wouldn't like to be associated with such large-format events like CIFF. You get the name and the fame.

The above list is not exhaustive. If you believe that your company can add value to the CIFF Community, please drop us a line at with an outline of the proposed partnership and we will get in touch with you at the earliest opportunity.


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