Gold Sponsorship is another prestigious level that comes with exceptional and unprecedented privileges. These awesome privileges empower your brand with the opportunity to be on top of your competition while relating to a cause.

Some of the key benefits that our Gold Sponsors enjoy are:

  • Continuous Brand Visibility. Two (2) weeks prior to the Opening Ceremony till the time festival concludes, your brand will be visible to all members via one or the other media. Such sustained brand visibility has superior impact.
  • Wide Reach. Your brand will be made visible all across UAE (not just one city!). Combine this with the continuity in visibility (above) - it will work wonders!
  • Shared Space. At this prestigious level, it is a given that your brand will be present in each media, in every campaign.
  • Engagement. Your brand gets the opportunity to engage with the community at all events organized as part of CIFF. It's beyond advertising. Consumers in our community prefer being engaged rather than their attention being grabbed momentarily.
  • CSR Initiative. Whether an established brand or an upcoming one, it is important for all to give back to the communities we take from. Consumers take brands with positive, serious and visible CSR initiatives seriously.
  • Customization. Whether you want to be called "Workshop Sponsor" or wish to conduct a co-branded event, we are all ears. Customization to achieve your specific goals is one of the key benefits at this level.

Interested? Call us today on +971 (55) 559-6098 or drop us a line at to receive a detailed sponsorship package.

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