CIFF Community could not be prouder of the people on this page! Volunteering for any good cause can reward you in many more ways than one.

When you choose to volunteer at CIFF, you get the opportunities to

  • Learn finer nuances of films, filmmaking and large-events management. You choose your area and leave the rest to us.
  • Experience the corporate world without having to deal with its pressures on a daily basis. Ideal for university students who are about to enter the corporate world.
  • Earn credits that could help you in your curriculum. (Subject to approval from your college/university)
  • Be culturally aware & sensitive by watching world-class cinema - produced locally & globally.
  • Meet new & like-minded people. Sometimes, who you know matters more than what you know.

Register your interest by sending an email to one of the CIFF team members will contact you shortly.

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